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Helpful Homework Links
All-Purpose Help | Ancient Egypt | Astronomy | Building Volcano Models  | Charters of freedom| Colonial Life | The Decades | Endangered SpeciesExplorers | Health and Disease | Inventing | Mythology| Native Americans|Salt Map Making|
|Science Experiments ||Terrariums| | Weather assignment| Weather Balloons
A Little Bit of Everything
BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
This site is maintained by a real 13 year-old kid and his dad.  It offers links to over 600 sites that can help you with many common homework problems.  Best for assignments up to the junior high level.

Enchanted Learning
Information on all sorts of subjects, from A-Z.  This is great for elementary students!

With over 5000 links and a search feature for the site, KidsClick is great for K-6 assignments.  A variety of subjects are covered.

Arranged by school subject and then broken down into common unit studies, this site is best for the middle grades to junior-high level.  It also includes links to online atlases, encyclopedias, almanacs, and other reference works.

Schoolwork UGH!
This site is great for junior high and high school students.  Many links for common subject areas and assignment topics, such as biographies, drugs, and mythology.

Search Tools
Included at this one-stop site are dictionaries, encyclopedias, and kid-centered
search tools, such as Ask Jeeves for Kids and Yahooligans.

Ancient Egypt
This is a great site to learn about pyramids, temples, king & queens, hieroglyphs and more. Would you like to see your name in hieroglyphs? Follow the links to the hieroglyphs translator, even send a friend a hieroglyphic e-card. Be sure to check out the site's links to other great web pages for more imformation. target

This is a list of links to sites on Ancient Egypt. Here you will find some great stuff about mummies of ancient Egypt, more on hieroglyphics, an ancient Egyptian surgeon, and some obscure aspects of Egyptology.


The Constellations

This site includes basic scientific information about the constellations, as well as a review of the stories behind the constellations' names.

Griffith Observatory Star Awards
Here's a list of astronomy sites recommended by L.A.'s Griffith Observatory.  These sites are deemed among the best on the web!

Myths and Tales Associated with the Constellations
Posted by a college professor at St. Cloud University, here are the stories behind several famous constellations.

The Nine Planets
In addition to scientific knowledge about the planets, this award winning site also explores the history and mythology behind our solar system.

Building Volcano Models
Need to build a volcano? Here are a few sites to help. From play dough to plaster, you can build them all, simple to explosive and lava flows too!

Volcano Models and how to build them
There are 13 different volcano modles to chose from under this link.

More to chose from

How to Make a Volcano

How to make a model volcano erupt

Here you can see an image of the real Constitution, The Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence. Be sure to click on the "transcription of " link to read each of the documents. For more information follow the other interesting links available.

The Bill of Rights

The Constitution of the United States

The Declaration of Independence

Colonial Life

Colonial Days
Just the thing!  Learn more about everyday colonial life, from the clothes people wore, to the food they ate, to the things they did for fun.

Colonial Williamsburg
This site offers a "History Explorer" page where you can take a virtual tour, meet colonial people, see colonial places, and experience colonial life.  A dateline is also included.  Click on "History".

Crafts and Trades in Colonial America
Trying to figure out what a archiator did for a living?  This site includes a glossary of colonial-period job titles, as well as more detailed information about certain trades.

KidInfo: Geography & Social Studies
We told you this is a good site already, but in case you forgot, be sure to look here!

The Decades

1900-1909 | 1910's | 1920's | 1930's | 1940's | 1950's | 1960's | 1970's | 1980's | 1990's

Wondering what was happing the day you born? Check out some of these sites., Birthdays, Top Songs, TV Shows, Top Toys, and Top Books, all for the day you where born.
On_This_Day_in_History/-Historic Events & Birthdates that occurred on a SELECTED day of the year Events, Famous Birth Dates & Other Trivia That Occurred On Any Day In History

Endangered Species

Get the facts on the world's endangered species here.  This site has a special section all about wolves.  There's also a fun game, a list of other good web resources, and a list of books to read, too!

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's KIDS' CORNER
This agency is in charge of keeping track of endangered species.  This site offers information about the species, their habitats, and also tells kids how YOU can help.  There's some fun stuff, too!

World Endangered Species
This well-researched site offers a variety of information about the world's endangered animals, insects, plants, birds, and ocean life.  Links to other web resources are also included.


Discoverers Web

This site offers a whole bunch of information on a lot of explorers.  There's also a timeline of world history that helps you to learn about explorers from different time periods and different parts of the world.

Explorers of the Millenium
From the year 1000 to the year 2000, this timeline highlights the most well-known adventures and explorers of the past 1000 years!  This site also offers links to other good web sites and a quiz to see just how much you've learned.

Zoom Explorers
Just in case you forgot to check out this great site when we mentioned it before, Enchanted Learning has a good page on explorers.Health and Disease

  this is the one: Kids and Teens: Health: Conditions and Diseases


This Department of Health and Human Service's site provides easy access to a selection of health resources. It is a reliable health source of information for consumers. The links available include online publications, clearinghouses, databases, web sites, support/self help groups, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Medicine Net

Clear, balanced, and complete descriptions of hundreds of diseases, conditions, and medical tests and procedures.  The latest attention getting news is red-labeled warning, and you can click for explanations of key terms in news stories.

Community Health Resource Center

Community Health Resource Center is a site affiliated with Fletcher Allen Health Care. As well as its Web site, it provides an Automated Health Information Line which may be accessed around the clock by phone.  This site also provides links to information on alternative health and specific diseases.  The general health sites include local links such as "Vermont-Related Health Care Sites," and links to sites like the Mayo Clinic, "NOAH – New York On-Line Access to Health Information," and the World Health Organization. A few links are available to some medical journals and books, including the current issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Nervous System

Explore the Brain and Spinal Cord - Neuroscience

This site has a nice list of links for women inventors, black inventors, famous inventions in alphabetical order, and more!  Also information for the want-to-be inventor.
While this includes information on all sorts of people, you may also find information on your inventor here!

The National Inventors Hall of Fame
This site includes information on any inventor who's ever been inducted into the Hall of Fame as well as an alphabetical index of inventions.


Encyclopedia Mythica
An encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legend.

Greek Mythology
An introduction to Ancient Greek Mythology, read about the various Greek gods, heroes and creatures on this web site.

Greek Mythology - Illustrated Encyclopedia
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Greek Mythology provides basic information on all things related to Greek mythology, including people and places.

Greek Mythology
This web page is a basic introduction to Greek mythology. It covers the origins of Greek
mythology, Greek vs. Roman names and an alphabetical list of the Immortals.

"For thousands of years people have associated objects in the sky, the Earth, and aspects of their physical world with the gods and goddesses of their cultures. Through these pages, find out about the gods and goddesses of different cultures around the world, and the works of art people have created to give them expression."

Native Americans

American Indians Page of the WWW Virtual Library
A great collection of links offering information about culture, history, arts & crafts, language, and health.   This site also offers links that review indigenous knowledge in a variety of areas, highlighting such topics as astronomy, the Mayan calendar, etc.

Ganondagan Home Page
This site is interesting not only for its photos of a recently built long house but also because it gives special focus to the Senecas, though links to other tribes are also included.   Great inspiration to take a field trip to the real-life site near Rochester, NY.

Haudenosaunee Home Page
Learn more about traditional Iroquois culture and the differences between the six tribes of the Haudenosaunee nation.   Contemporary issues and conflicts are covered as well.

Homes of the Past: The Archaeology of an Iroquois Longhouse
Posted by the Royal Ontario Museum, this site offers great background for students
doing work on a longhouse project.  Give it a look!

Have to make a longhouse for class? Try this site for some ideas.
Try this site for a more complicated model, a little advanced for lower grades.

Salt Map Making
Need to make salt map? Here are a few web sites to lend a helping hand.

Salt Dough (like play-dough)
Be sure to check out the "Craft index" link at the bottom of the page. There are links to fun craft projects for home or school that everyone can enjoy (scouts, teens, sports fans etc.)

Making a “salt dough map”

Science Experiments

Experimental Science Projects: An Introductory Level Guide.
Ideas for science projects.

The Kids' Guide to Science Projects.
This site provides everything you need to develop a successful science project, including project ideas, sample projects, online help, project steps and more

A Science Fair Project Resource Guide.
 An excellent resource from Internet Public Library that links kids to all sorts of exceptional resources for their projects.
Looking to make a terrarium? Here is a simple soda bottle design that anyone can make.
Just click on the link to see instructions.

Weather assignment
Looking for a site to learn about the weather? Check out these, and learn how a tornado is formed, what causes a thunder storm, and much much more. Find out how a to make your own tornado, make lightning, and a thunderstorm.
If your looking for information on the weather this is the first place you should look. 

 Pages devoted to tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes, and storm chasing. Focused toward older kids and teenagers, but interesting for all ages. Great place for young people to gather information for school reports! 

Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page
An interactive weather page for kids by Dan Satterfield, Chief meteorologist 
for WHNT TV Atlanta. 

Other great Weather web sites

WeatherKids  *  Weather Resources for Kids

For kids only  *  Web Weather for kids

Did you know?
       The hottest place in the world: 
 El Azizia, Libya, North Africa. 57.7ºC recorded on 13 September 1922 
      The coldest place in the world: Vostock, Antarctica. -89.2ºC recorded on 21 July 1983 
      The wettest place in the world: Cherrapunji, India. Average rainfall each year = 1270 cms 
      The driest place in the world: Atacama Desert, Chile. Average 
rainfall each year = 0.01 cms

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